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'makenines' is an ambient logic-puzzle game where you clear grids of numbers by making nines.

It requires careful thought and is solved using process of elimination similar to world-renowned puzzle game Sudoku. Think you're good with numbers? Think you're great at solving puzzles? Put your brain-skills to the test!

  • 60 * handcrafted fun & increasingly challenging puzzles!
  • 9 * new procedurally-generated puzzles each and every day.
  • 5 * interesting ways of manipulating numbers: slides, pushers, exchangers, rotators, stacks.
  • Smooth, ambient sound palette comprised of 9 unique tones.


Force Of Habit is an independent games studio based in Bristol, founded by Ashley Gwinnell and Nick Dymond.

Both veterans of UK game jams, Ashley and Nick worked together successfully a number of times and between them won game jam awards at Explay, TIGA GameHack, Wellcome Trust's "Gamify Your PhD", and more.

In 2016, Nick left to pursue further development of Friendship Club.

We love to experiment with game mechanics, to jam with our creative heroes, to appreciate sound design.

We specialise in rapid prototyping, native code and HTML5 games.

Ashley Gwinnell

Director. Art & Development

Ashley is a graduate from Bournemouth University with a degree in Computer Science. He's an active member of the indie games community and is a moderator on the Game Jolt network.

24 Jul

RT @emcheeseman: notes on creativity as a cycle between active production + dormant recovery. let your brain rest!

22 Jul

@jasperbyrne My approach outside of Unity is to use the average delta of each frame from the last second or so. Probably not helpful!

21 Jul

@HilariousCow Bokoblin are *kind of* piggy…

20 Jul

@wombatstuff Yep - these are great!

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makenines - a visual design process



For the eager eyed on Force Of Habit's social media feeds, you will have seen that our most recent release is an Android & iOS game called 'makenines' (pronounced 'make nines'!) - an ambient logic-puzzle game where you have to clear grid of numbers by making nines.


It looks a bit like this, and is completely free! Try it.

This is a post showing screenshots from preproduction and development.

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We offer a wide range of game development services.

  • Small scale rapid prototypes
  • Tweaks to your 'game feel' & polish
  • Producing an entire finished game

We have worked with a number of great clients including Aardman Animations, BBC and Game Jolt.