Force Of Habit is an experiment-driven independent game studio.


Pollen Patrol

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Your queen needs your help! Play as Fizz the Bee as you collect pollen to transmit back to the hive.


  • Pseudo-3D arcade action!
  • Authentic yesteryear super-scaler graphics!
  • Jazzy tunes!
  • Bees!

Created with Tom Waterhouse (2dforever) and Jeremy Howard (Spicy J Audio) during Global Game Jam 2018 (theme: "Transmit") in January 2018.

Winner of the "Most Polished Game" award!


Force Of Habit is a tiny, experiment-driven, independent games studio based in Bristol, directed by Ashley Gwinnell.

Things we love:

  • Experiments with game mechanics
  • Super-slick tweens & game feel
  • All things unusual & interesting: demoscene / shaders / visual effects / art styles

We specialise in the things we love, but also rapid prototyping, native development and web game projects.

Interested in work for hire? Get in touch!

Ashley Gwinnell

Director. Art & Development

Ashley is an avid game jammer and tinkerer who co-founded Force Of Habit in 2012 after graduating Computer Science at Bournemouth University.

He is honest & forthright with game design feedback and has one of those thick / funny Bristol accents.


14 Aug

@jwaaaap Still waiting for the Ultimate TENNNES Championship.

13 Aug

@francesctovar Thanks! I sure did. There's room for improvement in how the mechanics all work together, but I'm oth…

13 Aug

@2DForever Hahahaha! Trust you to go for that one.

13 Aug

Weeee! Here's my #ldjam #ldjam42 compo entry: Deep Heat.

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