Toast Time is out now on Steam!


Toast Time

Toast Time is a throwback to the golden age of video games where old-school homebrew titles fused arcade action with a distinctly British sense of humour.

An appetising arena shoot-em-up garnished with tower-defence elements and served warm with awesome-sauce (probably syrup).

  • 45 action-packed missions.
  • 16 exciting bread-based weapons.
  • Iron man survival mode.
  • Bonus COFFEE TIME mode.
  • Loads of colourful hats and customisations.
  • Addictive and original gameplay specifically designed for touch.
  • Achievements and online high-scores.
  • Super-slick audio and calibrated soundtrack -- each level has its own track!


Force Of Habit is a new independent games studio in Bristol, founded by Ashley Gwinnell and Nick Dymond.

Both veterans of UK game jams, Ashley and Nick have worked together successfully a number of times and between them have won game jam awards at Explay game jams, the TIGA Game Hack and most recently The Wellcome Trust's "Gamify Your PhD" event.

We like to experiment with new & interesting game mechanics, and we specialise in audio design.

Nick Dymond

Audio & Design

Nick has worked as a games designer, sound designer, composer and project manager for various companies. He owes most of his skills to free software giveaways on Amiga Format cover disks.

Ashley Gwinnell

Art & Development

Ashley recently graduated from Bournemouth University with a degree in Computer Science. He's an active member of the indie games community and is a moderator on the Game Jolt network.

29 Oct

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29 Oct

RT @nyyjen: Coming to the conclusion that biz-to-biz events are not for me. No one wants to play games, just talk money.

29 Oct

@nachimir Heading back to Bristol tomorrow morning sadly, but thanks for the offer. Nice work on the pool table btw. Good form :)

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Around this time last year we were approached by Indie Statik to create a game for their Kickstarter Game Pack. A game that would be exclusively for the backers. We like making games, and we like Indie Statik, so we said yes!


It would be exclusive, so it wouldn't have a wide audience. The idea was to create something quickly, jam something out like we do all the time, so that's exactly what we did.


We produced Neon Caves, an experimental offshoot of Toast Time that was designed specifically for controller input. If you haven't played Toast Time, the interesting part of it is that movement and shooting are intrinsically linked -- one cannot be performed without the other. We wanted to explore that further.


Health Zone

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Audio Design

We offer a range of services from small scale sound design work, right up to producing an entire score.

We have provided music and sound for a number of great clients including Aardman Animations and Channel 4.

We are currently producing all of the audio for Simon Roth's much touted upcoming game Maia.