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Neon Caves & Toast Time out now on Nintendo Switch!


Neon Caves

Explore the Neon Caves, a fragile ecosystem lost to the world for centuries. Recently rediscovered by your research team, use your ship's anchor ability and elite implements to stabilise the cave while keeping the hostile inhabitants at bay.

  • Endless arcade-action gameplay. How long can you survive?
  • 9 unique enemy types: including historically accurate giant crustaceans!
  • 4 awesome power-ups: rapid fire, bombs, invincibility and ghost ship!
  • 28 hard-as-nails achievements.
  • Nintendo Switch & OUYA-exclusive leaderboards.

An experimental off-shoot of our debut game Toast Time; originally on OUYA and part of the Indie Statik Kickstarter GAME PACK.

A collaboration with Terra Lauterbach (graphics) and Joe Williamson (music).


Force Of Habit is a tiny, experiment-driven, independent games studio based in Bristol, directed by Ashley Gwinnell.

Things we love:

  • Experiments with game mechanics
  • Super-slick tweens & game feel
  • All things unusual & interesting: demoscene / shaders / visual effects / art styles

We specialise in the things we love, but also rapid prototyping, native development and web game projects.

Interested in work for hire? Get in touch!

Ashley Gwinnell

Director. Art & Development

Ashley is an avid game jammer and tinkerer who co-founded Force Of Habit in 2012 after graduating Computer Science at Bournemouth University.

He is honest & forthright with game design feedback and has one of those thick / funny Bristol accents.


18 Jul

@FreakyZoid Yes! I came away from Develop with very similar sentiment!

18 Jul

@GreyAlien Finally found your computer then?

17 Jul

Recently made a tiny (rough) 'showreel' of sorts to showcase recent prototypes and releases. What do you think? Exc…

15 Jul

@MegariderEvo Many have tried. Few have succeeded. We remember your name regardless of outcome. Good luck...

Latest from the blog

Mammoth Proportions - '18/'19 update



It's been a while (again) since we posted on our blog here. Believe me, it's been busy. Luckily things are calming down now.


There's so much to catch you up on that we're not sure chronologically will display it best, so yep, it's categorised: game releases, jams, wee updates, client projects. Let's get started!


Game Releases:

  • Deep Heat (Web)
  • Toast Time: Smash Up! (Nintendo Switch)
  • Neon Caves (Nintendo Switch)


  • Global Game Jam '18 - Pollen Patrol
  • Ludum Dare 43 - Aetherspirit
  • Global Game Jam '19 - Stairs!
  • Ludum Dare 44 - Lifeblaster

Wee Updates

  • Sinking Feeling returns to the App Store
  • 'makenines' updated on the App Store

Client Bits

  • CBeebies Go Explore
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