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Neon Caves & Toast Time out now on Nintendo Switch!



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Start with nothing… but a seed… of an invasive species!

Overcrowd the planet and take it over! Those native species won’t stand a chance!

Developed solo in < ~16 hours for Ludum Dare 45 compo (theme: "Start with nothing") and Fuse Jam 3 (theme: invasive species) in October 2019.


Force Of Habit is a tiny, experiment-driven, independent games studio based in Bristol, directed by Ashley Gwinnell.

Things we love:

  • Experiments with game mechanics
  • Super-slick tweens & game feel
  • All things unusual & interesting: demoscene / shaders / visual effects / art styles

We specialise in the things we love, but also rapid prototyping, native development and web game projects.

Interested in work for hire? Get in touch!

Ashley Gwinnell

Director. Art & Development

Ashley is an avid game jammer and tinkerer who co-founded Force Of Habit in 2012 after graduating Computer Science at Bournemouth University.

He is honest & forthright with game design feedback and has one of those thick / funny Bristol accents.


15 Nov

RT @forcehabit: Today begins the Force Of Habit MEGA SALE! One week only! All platforms! WHOA! YES! #indiegames #sale

14 Nov

Today begins the Force Of Habit MEGA SALE! One week only! All platforms! WHOA! YES! #indiegames #sale

13 Nov

RT @ashleygwinnell: Sorry for tweeting again - just really want to make sure people see it! 'Behind the scenes' #makenines video series fin…

13 Nov

RT @rorysorasabi: Next week I'll be looking for new paid freelance projects within the format of webcomics, if you work for a online brand…

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All things Game Feel - Slides



Here are my slides for my talk "All things Game Feel" that I gave at Game Dev Days Graz 2019.


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- Ashley