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Press Kit


Force Of Habit
Based in Bristol, United Kingdom.

Founding date:

3 September, 2012


Press / Business Contact:


16 Chatterton Green
BS14 0DQ




Force Of Habit


Force Of Habit is an independent games studio founded by Ashley Gwinnell.

History: 2012 - 2016

Ashley Gwinnell met Nick Dymond at a local game jam event in Bristol. After their jam game placed second in the Extended Play Festival that year, they returned as a team to participate in the Global Game Jam and developed Omnivium. With similar interests discovered in audio-oriented and experimental game design, they continued working together in game jams, continually raising the bar on what they could achieve in short bursts of time. After Ashley finished his degree in Computer Science, Nick quit his job and Force Of Habit was born.

Nick and Ashley worked on multiple titles including their debut, cult-hit Toast Time (Android, iOS), Neon Caves, Sinking Feeling, Friendship Club, and many other prototypes and work-for-hire projects.

History: 2016+

In January 2016 Nick left Force Of Habit in the capable hands of Ashley to embark on his own, curious, solo adventure. Now, when Ashley isn't filling his face with bread-based carbohydrates, he's working on freelance projects, releasing small titles such as makenines, porting games to Nintendo Switch, as well as continuing experimentation.


Mini Releases


EGX TV - Friendship Club Interview
Rezzed Game Jam Presentation (43:50)
Nick Dymond interview at Explay 2012


There are far more images available for Force Of Habit, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

Logo & Icon

Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner, Technical Achievement." - Jamchester. June, 2017
  • "Nomination, Best Coder/Developer." - TechSPARKies. October, 2014
  • "Nomination, Best New Studio." - Develop Awards, 2014
  • "Winner, Best New IP." - TIGA Awards. 6 November, 2013
  • "Nomination, Best Start-Up." - TIGA Awards. 14 October, 2013

Selected Articles

  • "Stalwarts of numerous jams who craft games of striking quality."
    - Martin Robinson, Eurogamer
  • "Intestinal immunology in the form of a tunnel shooter not dissimilar to Jeff Minter's iconic game 'Tempest'."
    - Will Freeman, Develop Online