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Press Kit - Sinking Feeling



Force Of Habit
Based in Bristol, United Kingdom

Release date:

  • 5th February 2015



Regular Price:



Sinking Feeling


Sinking Feeling is a game about a head falling through time and space.

Strategically smash and avoid panels of glass in risk/reward gameplay. Test your reflexes against intense - yet deliciously simple - minimalist action. Top-notch glass-shattering effects combined with a retro-style and chiptune soundtrack will keep you coming back for more. Just one more go...

A Force Of Habit mini™.


Initially conceived for Ludum Dare 29 with the theme of "Beneath The Surface", we've since spent many weekends and evenings feeding it our spare time until - shock horror - it broke out of our studio and uploaded itself to the storefronts.

Released on the anniversary of Toast Time's iOS release.


  • Increasingly challenging gameplay with 10 types of glass panels to smash through!
  • Two unlockable game modes.
  • Achievements and online leaderboards.
  • An emphatic custom-composed chiptune soundtrack.
  • A deep, honest and truly meaningful ending... probably.





Awards & Recognition

  • "Featured in "Best New Games" in the US and Canada." iTunes, 5th - 12th February.
  • "It did alright in the rankings." Ludum Dare 29

Selected Articles

  • "A knife-edge game of risk and reward. You can easily lose yourself in it for tens, if not hundreds, of retries."
    - Harry Slater, Pocket Gamer
  • "No ads, clean visual look, cool music, and the character is quite clearly one of the greatest video game heroes of our generation."
    - Peter Willington, AppSpy
  • "Once you hit fifty points, the 'harder' mode gets unlocked. It is a lot harder."
    - Carter Dotson, Touch Arcade

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Sinking Feeling Credits

  • Ashley Gwinnell
    Designer & Developer, Force Of Habit
  • Nick Dymond
    Moral Support, Force Of Habit