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Client Work

Aardman Animations / BBC

CBeebies Go Explore

Working with the interactive team at Aardman Animations to produce a mobile app to help little ones develop life skills and prepare them for primary school and beyond.

CBeebies Go Explore is packed with fun games that help your little one learn and discover with their CBeebies friends!

Each game in Go Explore draws on the Early Years curriculum, helping children as they grow, building up their skills and understanding ready to start school. Games cover a range of topics from exploring different geographical habitats with the Go Jetters, to helping guests at the Furchester Hotel make healthy choices.

You can also visit the Den area to discover what games your child has been playing and find out more about the subjects covered in the games.


HTML5, PIXI.js, TypeScript, Spine

Aardman Animations / NSPCC

Playtime with Pantosaurus

Working with the interactive team at Aardman Animations to produce a mobile game to help keep children safe from sexual abuse.

Playtime with Pantosaurus features four fun mini-games where players can test their skills against Pantosaurus and his friends whilst learning the PANTS rules to keep themselves safe.

In between each mini-game children are quizzed on the PANTS rules to help reinforce their understanding of how to stay safe.


Unity, C#, Puppet 2D, MasterAudio

BBC Natural History Unit

Attenborough's Adventures / Storytime

Working with the BBC Natural History Unit and artist Will Rose to produce a set of 5 interactive stories inspired by David Attenborough's natural history documentaries.

Attenborough’s Adventures follows Sir David at various stages of his life, from his early days filming Zoo Quest in the 1950s right up to his debut in virtual reality for 2016’s Attenborough And The Giant Dinosaur.

Children read and play along with the stories by, for example, helping Sir David to pack his adventure kit, moving jungle plants aside for him and by tracking the gorillas’ path through the jungle.

  • Attenborough's Adventures: David and the Gorilla Quest
  • Attenborough's Adventures: David and the Giant Dinosaur
  • Attenborough's Adventures: David and the Hidden City
  • Attenborough's Adventures: David and the Dragon
  • Attenborough's Adventures: David the Treasure Hunter


Adobe Animate, Adobe Photoshop

Aardman Animations / Bristol 2015 / European Commission

Sustainable Shaun

Working with the interactive team at Aardman Animations to produce a mobile game to teach children how to create a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable future.

Help Shaun the Sheep build his own sustainable settlement for the strays of the Big City. Players must keep the strays happy by:

  • Collecting recycled materials in a fun match-three game.
  • Building and upgrading one of ten sustainable creations in a creative crafting game.
  • Planning and managing their settlement in a city building/management game.


HTML5, Phaser, Javascript

Auroch Digital / BBC Taster

Ballot Bots


Working with the Game the News team at Auroch Digital to produce a web & mobile game aimed at engaging an audience facing it's first election.

Ballot Bots is a fun, puzzle-style game in which you have to pair up the Politician bots with their respective Voters. Collecting bonuses along the way allows you more moves, and answering political quiz questions gives you bonus points. These questions both inform and challenge the player to take up an interest in the world of politics.

The player works their way towards Downing Street through various different zones which have been highlighted as key points within this election. They are;

  • Education
  • Immigration
  • Housing
  • Cost of Living
  • The NHS


HTML5, Phaser, Javascript